S2C Expands Virtex-7 TAI Logic Module Family – QuadE V7 TAI Logic Module
Feb 25, 2014

S2C Expands Virtex-7 TAI Logic Module Family – QuadE V7 TAI Logic Module

New product that supports 32GB on-board DDR3 memory and includes remote management features                          


  Large capacity that accommodates up to 80M ASIC gates and supports up to 32GB on-board DDR3 memory       

  Powerful remote management capabilities through Ethernet that enable reading/writing the on-board SD cards,       

  recycling powers and assigning I/O power-up sequences

San Jose, CA – February 25, 2014 - S2C Inc., a leading SoC/ASIC rapid prototyping solutions provider, is proud to introduce the newest FPGA-based prototyping platform to its V7 TAI Logic Module series, the QuadE V7. It is an enhanced version of the existing Quad V7 product which uses four Xilinx’s Virtex®-7 2000T FPGAs. The new QuadE V7 uniquely meets the needs of design groups working with large-capacity or high-performance DDR3 memory, which can support 8GB DDR3 memory on each of the four DDR3 SODIMM sockets with the pre-tested speed at up to 1600Mbps (Single Rank) and 1200Mbps (Dual Rank).

In addition, new remote management features on the QuadE V7 improve user experiences by allowing users to remotely perform operations through Ethernet such as reading/writing the on-board SD cards, re-downloading FPGA designs, recycling powers and assigning I/O power-up sequences. These new features empower companies to establish their common FPGA-based platforms across different locations, different projects and different design teams. A central group can now monitor all platform statuses, perform version controls of the design circuits, update design circuits, power down and re-start all deployed QuadE V7 prototyping systems through a company network.

QuadE V7 TAI Logic Module is available now for customer orders. 

“FPGA-based prototyping is now used in our customer sites for a variety of purposes such as algorithm development, software development and compatibility testing”, said Toshio Nakama, Chief Executive Officer of S2C.  “Therefore, the ability to remotely monitor and manage large numbers of FPGA-based prototypes deployed in different locations and groups has become a challenge for our customers. The new QuadE V7 was a result of our collaborations with key customers to enrich the remote management capabilities and help designers drive Prototype-On-The-Cloud one step closer to reality.”


About S2C V7 TAI Logic Modules

The V7 TAI Logic Module series, S2C’s fifth generation products, are designed to make prototyping a reality and a pleasant experience for designs ranging from 20 Million up to 80 Million ASIC gates on a single board. Multiple V7 TAI Logic Modules can be stacked or tiled to meet higher gate capacity requirements.

The V7 TAI Logic Module has many significant improvements that facilitate higher system prototype performance, reliability and ease-of-use. The V7 TAI Logic Module now supports the following hardware control functions through both the USB and Ethernet interface from a Windows or Linux machine:

  • Fast FPGA design download with multiple options – JTAG, USB, SD Card and Ethernet
  • Comprehensive Self-Test for all I/O, interconnections and clocks
  • Program clocks, select clock sources and adjust on-board programmable clock frequencies
  • Remote hardware control via Ethernet interface – Reset, configure FPGA design and execute run-time utilities
  • Monitor on-board voltage, current and temperature and automatically take corrective action upon limits violation
  • Read-back hardware information - global clock frequencies, hardware type, firmware details etc.
  • Adjust I/O voltages, FPGA cooling fan speed through software
  • Enables re-use of daughter cards designed for previous generation prototyping systems such as Virtex-6 or Virtex-5 TAI LM systems

S2C also provides optional prototype creation and multi-FPGA debug software, C-API co-modeling and a large library of off- the-shelf Prototype Ready IP & Accessories to speed up the creation of design prototypes using the V7 TAI Logic Modules. For more information, visit V7 TAI Logic Module product page on S2C website.



SoC/ASICゲート開発に於ける、S2C社のアドバンテージとして、私達のエンジニアリング チームと顧客の業務に特化した販売力はお客様のニーズを完全に理解している点にあります。S2C社のユニークなFPGAベースソリューションは、特許を取得したIP テクノロジーを使用する事で、設計者が迅速にFPGAベースのSoCプロトタイプを構築することを可能とします。同時に顧客のソフト開発も早める事が可能 です。S2C社のソリューションはラピッドプロトタイピングツールと様々なPrototype Ready IPのポートフォリオ、先端的な検証アクセラレーションソリューションで大幅にSoC開発サイクルを減少します。


Contact for S2C:

Jimmy G. Chen, S2C, USA, Phone: +1 408 213 8818 Email:jxchen@s2cinc.com                 

Michel Cao, S2C, China,  Phone: +86 21 6887 9287 Email: michelc@s2cinc.com   


S2C, Prototype Ready and TAI, are trademarks of S2C, Inc. All other tradenames and trademarks are the property of their respective owners.


ザイリンクス VU440
ザイリンクス KU115
ザイリンクス VU19P
ザイリンクス VU13P
ザイリンクス VU9P
インテル S10-10M
インテル S10-2800
4 つの FPGA
複数の FPGA デバッグ ツール
コモデリング ツール (FPGA と PC ホスト間で大量のデータをやり取りできます)

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